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Gregory Jack Doan

Gregory J Doan Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorney at Law

Founder of the Feast

Michael Gregory Doan

Michael G Doan Bankruptcy Attorney Real Estate Broker

Attorney at Law

Board Certified Bankruptcy Specialist

Real Estate Broker

James Patrick Doan

James P Doan Bankruptcy Attorney Real Estate Broker

Attorney at Law

Real Estate Broker

Shawn Anthony Doan

Shawn A Doan Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorney at Law

Stephen Nathan Doan

Stephen N Doan Bankruptcy Attorney Real Estate Broker

Attorney at Law

Real Estate Broker

Jonathan David Doan

Jonathan N Doan Bankruptcy Attorney Real Estate Broker

Attorney at Law

Real Estate Broker

About the doan family

"A Doan Board Meeting"

The Doan Bankrukptcy Attorneys

The Synergy of Seven

When you hire a Doan Lawyer, you get the synergy of six lawyers in one, plus Mom.

This photo depicts the Doan family hard at work. Mom is serving Shawn some pink lemonade, while James is carefully assessing the depth of the middle stringer on the right. To his right, Dad is working hard shaping the middle of the board to concave perfection while Jonny, to his immediate right, rounding the edges. Steve is in the back assessing the overall operations, while Mike prepares the tail of the board for the skegs that will help guide the boar across the waves. Each Doan is doing their part to create the perfect board. 

In like manner, the Doans combine their skills and talents in operating their Bankruptcy Law Offices, serving California since 1993.

California's Largest Family of Attorneys

The Doan family is "California's Largest Family of Attorneys" and consists of a father and his five sons, all attorneys, with Mom tending us all behind the scenes. Growing up near the coastline of Southern California, the Doan boys quickly took to ocean activities, with surfing an all-time favorite. 

How Did THAT Happen?

It was not planned.  Greg, the father of the five boys, was inspired by his two attorney brothers-in-law to switch careers in the 1980's. With all five boys in school, and working full-time, Greg added law school to his already full plate.

This was no easy task, but Greg rose to the occasion, set the standard, and provided his own personal example. Greg demystified the law school experience and showed his boys that if he could become a lawyer while working full time and supporting a family of seven, so could they (while young, single and unemployed).  And they did!

The Four D's of Success


"Dedication. Discipline. Desire. Determination.  Put these Four D's to work on your God-given talents and you will succeed at whatever you set your mind and heart to.  Do not be satisfied with mediocrity!"  

- Gregory J. Doan

Don't Forget Mom!


Of course, none of this would have been possible without her love, support, encouragement, reassurance, and prayers behind the scenes.  

Thanks, Mom, for always being there for us!  Sometimes we think she was the only sane member of the family for not having gone to law school.

Back in time to 1979

Laguna Hills, CA

Greg Doan and Sons in 1979.

Always an Adventure

With five sons and no daughters, there was always an adventure at hand at the Doan residence, including tree-forts, mudslides, bike jumps, swimming pools, shooting hoops, and go-cart races.


Today, Greg and Marianna have 19 grandchildren between their five boys.

About This Website

This an informational website sponsored by Brothers Law Group LLP (dba Doan Law Group), Law Offices of Gregory J. Doan Esq APC, SN Doan APC, Michael G. Doan APC, and Shawn A. Doan APC. Each of the foregoing entities individually owns and operates its respective law practice. Each entity has been designated by the Federal Government as a qualified debt relief agency that helps folks file bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.